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Qunetix SD v.

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main category:File management

Qunetix SD is a software deployment platform for heterogeneous networks, allowing you to install or update software on your network systems without formal training. Using an automated and managed process, Qunetix SD manages the packaging, testing and deployment of any release. Designed as a standalone distribution tool, Qunetix SD uses the principles of software configuration management (SCM) and will also augment source and build management tools to provide managed distributions.

Qunetix SD features include: guaranteed confirmation of all releases; release scheduling; impact analysis; a secure release repository; guaranteed reproducibility of any release; automatic distribution and installation; audit trail; user roles and management; and secure communications that encrypt and authenticate every deployment.

Qunetix SD Lite is also available for companies who require managed software deployment without the advanced management functionality in 2.0.

The Free Version download has a perpetual license to use and/or evaluate the tool. This version contains the full functionality of Qunetix SD 2.0, but is limited to 4 targets. Additional targets can be purchased from $30 US each.

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Qunetix SD v.

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