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Open source backup software windows xp
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TOP 1 software:Open Source Backup
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Open Source Backup is a simple and fast backup application for Windows. It provides base functionality for creating a reserve copy of files/folders and restoring them.

Open Source Backup is written in C#, and the source code is available on the developer´s site.

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Open Source Backup

TOP 10 software list

Open Source Backup

Open Source Backup is a simple and fast backup application for Windows. It provides base functionality for creating a reserve copy of files/folders...


AutoVer is a configurable automatic or real time backup and personal versioning system. It can be used as a simple real time backup or as a more complex version control system. The beauty of this system is that once you set it up (which is extremely simple) it does everything. No remembering to backup or to check in or check out files. Every time you save a file it is copied to your backup folder or drive. You can include and exclude certain files and browse the backups with the Backup...


Abakt is a free, open source, backup tool for Windows. Select files and directories to backup using a combination of advanced filters. Filters Filter by filename or directory using wildcards, sets and other advanced masks. And you can filter on file properties: attributes, size, age and modification date. Backup Create a standard PKZIP zip archive using the built-in zip library. Or call the external command line tool 7-Zip to create archives. You can also copy, move or delete...

Everyday Auto Backup

Everyday Auto Backup is an easy-to-use software designed to backup files automatically. After you added or modified a backup project, this software will immediately generate the list of today´s tasks according to the project´s settings. When the start time of a backup task arrives, this software will automatically start the backup task in the background without manual intervention. When the date changes (the new day arrives or the date of the computer is modified), this software...


Bonkey is an easy-to-use backup software that will automatically backup your data to local disks, network locations, FTP, SFTP, or an Amazon S3 account. Bonkey is also able to backup Microsoft SQL Server databases. Bonkey includes encryption and compression and can do full backups or backup modified files only. Features: can backup files to local disks, network locations, FTP, SFTP or S3 account, and from all of those places; set backup frequency and time; backup to more than...

Nexenta RsyncShare

Nexenta RsyncShare – open source implementation of rsync shares manager for Windows servers, workstations, and laptops. RsyncShare is a GUI based, CDDL licensed, and free of charge part of the NexentaStor product. RsyncShare makes Windows machines accessible via any rsync client. Use RsyncShare for fast incremental Windows backup and restore. Use NexentaStor + RsyncShare combination for cost-effective and high-performance disk-to-disk backup and recovery, with continuous data protection...

DataSafe Backup

The main purpose of DataSafe Backup is to periodically save your important files to a safe location. The files to be saved can be grouped into jobs and backed up according to various settings such as run frequency, backup type, encryption, compression, and many others. Files in any existing backup run can be easily restored to their original or an alternate location, or they can be accessed directly from the backup location (provided that they have not been encrypted). Features:...

Renpad Backup 2008

Renpad Backup is a small but powerful backup program. The application has been specifically designed to provide ease of use for the end user. This backup program has also been built using a modular upgrade design that allows for simple and small upgrades. Features: Renpad Backup 2008 has been designed with the end user in mind. By using a simple yet powerful interface the end user can backup their files with only a few clicks. When a backup is carried out the end user has the option...

Directory Compare

Directory Compare is a utility to help you keep copies of your important directories (documents, programs under development, etc.) in a backup hard disk or any other storage system (like 100Mb diskettes), as well as in a compressed .zip file. Directory Compare is a kind or GUI version of cpy: it has far less options but its visual interface makes easier selective copies. Directory Compare will show you side by side the source and backup directories so that you can easily select the...

Zback 2.70.0.a

Zback - portable backup and synchronize tool for Windows. PURPOSE: 1) Synchronize directories for routine backup, for example between hard drive and USB drive or synchronize two computers via USB drive. 2) General purpose backup and restore utility. Features: portable - no setup needed. Works from USB stick, does not write to the registry backup/ synchronize to local drives or network computers (LAN) Unicode support for foreign characters in file names copy modes:...

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