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TOP 1 software:Risingware File Manager 3.0.a
our raiting:9 / 10

Risingware File Manager, a dual-panel and tabbed Windows Explorer replacement, is a hassle beater. With an embedded set of file-handling gear, it makes file handling easy at viewing Zip contents, images, file contents, at renaming files, at project-oriented grouping. Furthermore, hotkey use is widely applied to cross-panel file copying and moving, to compressing to Zip, to extracting from RAR/Zip and more.

In addition, it is composed of File Compression/Extraction Tool, Consecutive File Renamer, Image Previewer, File Content Fast Previewer, and File Split Tool, etc.

System Requirements:

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Risingware File Manager 3.0.a

TOP 10 software list

Risingware File Manager 3.0.a

Risingware File Manager, a dual-panel and tabbed Windows Explorer replacement, is a hassle beater. With an embedded set of file-handling gear, it...

Java Executable

Now run JAVA files without JDK or J2SE. Just install jSetup.exe with the two accompanying files (jOpenJar.exe, jOpenClass.exe) and you are ready for the power of Java. With just a simple double click you can launch rich Java apps just like EXE files.

Areca Backup

Areca Backup is a file backup tool written in java. It supports data compression & encryption, incremental backup, file history explorer and many other features. Areca Backup also includes a transaction mechanism which guarantees your backups´ integrity. As an additional security measure areca also features a backup simulation module. Features: Archives compression (Zip format) Archives encryption (Triple DES & AES encryption algorithm) Source file filters (by extension,...


Un-Rar-Dirs periodically searches through a directory structure for rar files. Rar files are extracted into the directory that contains the rar file. Once a file has been extract it is tracked so that it will not be extracted again. Un-Rar-Dirs is a system tray only application written in Java. All features can be accessed via the system tray menu. A log of all file extraction attempts is maintained. Requires Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 1.6 or above. Get It Here.

Wright Tiny Tray Explorer

An 80Kb exe that installs an explorer icon in your desktop tray (next to the clock) - one click and explorer is launched. Instant access to one of the most used files in Windows. Options include launch style (Maximized, Minimized or Normal), a ´close all explorer instances´ to clean up all open explorers with one click, and a ´file management´ menu item which launches two horizontally tiled explorers for easy file copy & movement!


Small and simple utility that search duplicated (by contents) files in the folder and all its subfolders or on the whole computer. Duplicate files can be deleted. Search inside zip-archives too. Not for mobiles. Any OS + Java Runtime Environment (Java 1.5 or higher). Get It Here.


Java implementation of a desktop search engine. The application indexes files of the following types with their complete content (if the document is not read-protected): HTML-documents XML-documents StarOffice 6.0-/OpenOffice 1.0-documents (Writer, Calc, Impress) and later versions MS Word documents PDF documents Plain text files For other arbitrary file types the file name can be indexed. The most important program functions can also be executed from the...

Peters Backup

Peters Backup is a program for backing up your important data files on to diskette, zip drive, fixed disk or CD/RW. It uses an extremely efficient compression algorithm. It keeps track of all versions of your files in full and incremental backups. Requires Java version 6. Runs on Windows 2000 and above, Linux and other systems that support java.


With FastExplore you´ll be able to start the Windows-Explorer very easily. Features: start the Windows-Explorer by only clicking the icon in the SysTray with the left mouse button places itself in SystemTray can be start automatically specify the folder where Windows-Explorer is opened 4 Windows-Explorer window-modes are possible works with Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000 and XP Install/ Uninstall Freeware


RestoreBack is a disk backup utility written in Java (Java is a trademark of Sun Microsystems) programming language. This program lets you create backup of the files and folders on your disk painlessly. RestoreBack lets you archive all your selected files and folders to a single .zip archive. The program also allows you to update your archive when the files or folders that you backed up previously (using this program) undergo any change on your disk. Armed with GUI as impressive as I could...

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