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TOP 1 software:Duplicates Removal Utility
our raiting:5 / 10

The “Duplicates removal utility” is useful when you want to find and (probably) delete files that have exactly the same content.

It is a Windows program and does not require a special install procedure. Just download the zipped file, unzip it to a folder and make a shortcut to the program for running it.

The current version of the program is 2.0 and it’s freeware.

Visit download site and get
Duplicates Removal Utility

TOP 10 software list

Duplicates Removal Utility

The “Duplicates removal utility” is useful when you want to find and (probably) delete files that have exactly the same content. It is a...

XP Quick Fix

XP Quick Fix is a small and fast utility that features 25 common Windows XP problems fixes. It´s a must have on every computer and includes a small, extra, command line utility to fix 5 common problems directly from command line. XP Quick Fix is a portable application. There is no install process, just unzip to any folder and run it. It includes two files: LFX.exe (562kb) the main program GUI with 25 fixes QFC.exe (38kb) a command line utility with 5 fixes Using XP Quick Fix is...

FireLion The Searcher

FireLion The Searcher is a fast and easy to use FireLion The Searcher is a fast and easy to use file search utility. Search for text in files, search by size, date and other attributes, wildcard search, case-sensitive search, more. No installation necessary. Just download, unzip, and run.

Bulk File Manager 1.2 Stable

Bulk File Manager is a file deduplication utility and is equipped with bulk name management options as well. Features: Strip, replace, or prefix file names in bulk. Move files in bulk via regex or string comparison. Find zero byte files and empty directories quickly. Deduplicate files on your hard drive, fully configurable and fast! Lightweight with no installer. Just unzip and run. Uses minimal RAM and has controllable CPU usage. Requires: Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5.

Multi Path Files Finder

Multi Path Files Finder is a fast file searching utility that can run a file search in up to three different paths including a UNC path, and also exclude a phrase from the search, for each path you can decide to search also sub folders. Multi Path Files Finder is a portable application, there is no need to install it, just unzip to any folder and execute. Multi Path Files Finder was tested on Windows XP Pro (SP3) and Windows 7 Ultimat but should run on other Windows versions.

Rizone 0x80070005 FIX

0×80070005 FIX will simply attempt to repair the dreaded 0×80070005 error messages when trying to register dll files while installing certain Windows components or programs. Sometimes you will not get this specific error number, but just an Installation Failed message. This tool will in most cases also repair these errors, for example: Internet Explorer 7 installation failure. It will accomplish repairing these errors by restoring your computer to the original installation default...


Notepad.Pro is a new text editor, which will make your life a lot easier. This software will help you edit your files without any problems. This very useful program has many features that you won´t find in competitive software. Its success is based on its new approach - editing files with single mouse click. Does not require installation. Just download, unzip, and run.

Show Desktop for Windows 7

In Windows 7 the Show Desktop Button has been moved to the right side of the Taskbar. This applet can be used to add a Vista style Show Desktop Icon to the left side of the Taskbar. In addition, files pinned to the button´s jump list can be launched by their associated viewer. Simply unzip and pin to Taskbar.

uToolbox File Splitter Tool 1.0 Alpha

File Splitter is a tool to split the large files into small files, to make them easy to transfer through disks or transfer through nertwork. This tool will also join the already splitted files. This is a standalone application and no need to install, just download the tool and unzip it to your local hard disk and start using the tool. The size of the tool is very small and you can download it from the URL without any netwoking problems.

Monitor Information Utility

Monitor Information utility is a small free utility to display information about single or multiple monitor(s) connected to your computer in a list view. Main Window of the software utility displays information about dual monitor(s) connected to a computer. The dual monitors connected to the computer are configured in such as way that they together extend the displaying area making one monitor as primary monitor and other monitor as secondary monitor. Information displayed by the utility...

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