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File History is a small and simple tool for versioned backup. You select a set of files and can then save a snapshot of these files whenever you want.

A complete file history consists of only two files. One contains a link to the selected files and one contains the snapshots. A specially designed compression and binary compare algorithm are used to save the snapshots as efficient as possible.

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File History

TOP 10 software list

File History

File History is a small and simple tool for versioned backup. You select a set of files and can then save a snapshot of these files whenever you...

Peters Backup

Peters Backup is a program for backing up your important data files on to diskette, zip drive, fixed disk or CD/RW. It uses an extremely efficient compression algorithm. It keeps track of all versions of your files in full and incremental backups. Requires Java version 6. Runs on Windows 2000 and above, Linux and other systems that support java.

FreeArc 0.67 Alpha

FreeArc is a modern general-purpose archiver. Main advantage of FreeArc is fast but efficient compression and rich set of features. FreeArc works 1.5–2x times faster than best compression programs. Features: Free, open-source, with console and GUI versions for both Windows and Linux Includes LZMA, PPMD, TrueAudio and generic Multimedia compression algorithms with automatic switching by file type Filters that further improve compression: REP (finds repetitions at the distances...


Checksum is an Message Digest - MD Checksum Generator. You can use this to generate and verify the file checksums. You can choose among the 4 Message Digest Algorithms viz. MD2, MD4, MD5 and SHA1. This Utility will come in handy for verifying intergrity of any file, received/downloaded/transfered over error prone networks, provided you know the checksum of the file prior to receiving/downloading/transfering the files. This Checksum of a file can be used to detect any data...

Areca Backup

Areca Backup is a file backup tool written in java. It supports data compression & encryption, incremental backup, file history explorer and many other features. Areca Backup also includes a transaction mechanism which guarantees your backups´ integrity. As an additional security measure areca also features a backup simulation module. Features: Archives compression (Zip format) Archives encryption (Triple DES & AES encryption algorithm) Source file filters (by extension,...

PortableApps.com AppCompactor

PortableApps.com AppCompactor allows you to easily compress application to decrease size on disk and increase performance when running from a slow media (like flash drives). It´s packaged as a portable app, so you can work with your apps anywhere. Features: Proven UPX binary compressor 7-Zip compression of archives Multiple compression levels Automatic testing of compressed files Automatically skips Add inclusions/exclusions using PortableApps.com Format Compression of...


lARP64Free, that means the superfast 64 bit compression program, based on LZMA compression technology. This freeware edition was specifically designed to be superfast and reliable. Our 64 bit compressor (packer) works on any windows x64 operating system. Download lARP64Free today and it will make your products´ internet download times a lot faster. The implemented compression will reduce the overall size of the target with up to 70%. lARP64´ing does not affect the original...

Attribute Changer 7.10c

Attribute Changer is a power user tool to change all kind of file and folder attributes, date, time and even NTFS compression. Basic features include changing file and folder attributes within en masse. A really useful feature is the compression/decompression of files stored on the Windows NT/2000 and XP NTFS file system. Furthermore, date and time on files and folders can be partially changed. In this case, you can advise Attribute Changer not to change the whole object data, but only...

Large File Splitter

Large File Splitter is a freeware to split large files in Windows. It makes easier the web distribution and the file sharing by splitting large files into small fragments. Large File Splitter supports an integrated MD5 checksum to warrant the correct reconstruction of the original file. Large File Splitter supports automatic rebuild with OR without external batch file and can encrypt files with AES algorithm providing user data security. It produces an extra rebuild.bat file to rebuild...

Partition Saving

Partition Saving is a DOS, Windows and Linux program that is used to save, restore and copy hard-drive, partitions, floppy disk on DOS, Windows or Linux devices. With this program you could save all data on a partition to a file (such as you could save this file on a CD for example). Then if something goes wrong, you can completely restore the partition from the backup file. You no longer have to reinstall every piece of software from scratch. All you have to do is restore the partition...

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