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Astro file manager android
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TOP 1 software:Synx
our raiting:8 / 10

Synx makes it easier for all Android users to sync their phone with their computer! Never again will you have to open up your device in a File Manager and then copy and paste files over into a whole load of clutter.


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TOP 10 software list


Synx makes it easier for all Android users to sync their phone with their computer! Never again will you have to open up your device in a File...

Seven Open

Seven Open opens any type of files with 7-Zip File Manager (*1). 7-Zip File Manager accepts only archives and folders to start with. Seven Open takes files through a drag-and-drop operation and redirects them to 7-Zip File Manager. Shortcuts are de-referenced. Non-archives are interpreted as their parent folders. The current version supports the file name extension of archives as of 7-Zip File Manager 9.20 and 9.22 beta. Requirements: Windows Script Host 5.6 and later (*2). *1: 7-Zip...

Task Manager Fix

Task Manager Fix is a freeware utility to fix task manager disabled by spyware, trojans and displays error message "Task Manager has been disabled by your administrator". This error message appears due to restriction placed in the Windows Registry. One can easily enable the Task Manager by editing some registry settings. For a normal user editing registry is not easy and a bit risky. Task Manager Fix is a program designed to enable disabled Task Manager. Download the FREE Task Manager...

Virtual Drives Manager

Virtual Drives Manager let you in a quick way, create a Symbolic link (AKA MS-DOS Device name) to a folder and present it as drive. Drives that are created with Virtual Drives Manager will stay even after you restart your system, and you can quickly remove them with Virtual Drives Manager. Virtual Drives Manager is a portable application, There is no install process, just unzip to any folder and run it.

DBNS Backup Manager

Backup Manager is a program designed to backup files and folders from one directory to another. Backup Manager comes in two parts the Manager program that allows you to create jobs to be carried out by the Scheduler at a set time and period, and the Scheduler which is running in the background all of the time. Backup Manager has been designed to be easy to use and feature rich. Requires Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0.

Mobiwee: Remote Access Vista Gadget

This sleek, lightweight gadget will sit quietly in the Windows Sidebar, notifying you of all incoming calls, text messages (which you can respond to), allowing you to send any file, and locating your mobile device. So far, the gadget works with Windows Mobile and Android devices with many more in the pipeline (Blackberry, Palm Pre, and a robust laptop client). For those looking for an OS agnostic backup/recovery/security solution, this is the answer.

Process Manager Lite

Process Manager 2 Lite is a process viewer which provides more information than the classic Windows´s Task Manager. With Process manager 2 Lite, you can view detailed information on processes like its icon, dependencies, handles and threads. Process Manager 2 Lite is also an enhanced service manager like the windows original Services Viewer. It shows the running service PID and permits you to show service´s process. The Activity Log will give you an advanced knowledge of your system...


Drag your common-used application, file, folders and anything else to shortcut manager, then you can open the application, file, folders very quickly, easily switch, open, close. You can save anything to data partition and add the shortcuts to this shortcut manager and reduce the risk of data losing on your desktop when you reinstall Windows. With this shortcut manager, you don´t need to put everything that common used to the desktop and make the desktop clean all the time. Still...


RegToy is a collection of useful utilities: tweaking, window manager, shell context menu, registry cleaner, file renamer, screen capture, memory cleaner, disk cleaner, much more. It also is available in various languages. Features: Registry Tweaking, Services Manager, Startup Manager, Registry Backup, Renew Registry, Registry Cleaner, Registry Search & Replace Window Manager, Tray Icon Manager Shell Context Menu Extension Screen Capture, Shutdown Scheduler, Wallpaper Changer,...

Task Manager Enable Tool

Task Manager Enable Tool is a small free utility software that can re-enable the task manager in your Windows system. The software´s main interface has two buttons, you can enable or disable your task manager with one mouse click, the operation is very simple and clear, the changes take effect immediately.

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